The Short Story

Love was made, cells were split, and a child was born.  Said child grew.  Stimuli caused neurons to fire.  Music was created.

As with all things, this too shall pass.  Listen while you can.

Matthew Haley Bio

The Long Story Short

Matthew is originally from Arkansas, where his earliest exposure to music was in a small country church where old hymnals were sung off-key to an out-of-tune piano.  He would later learn guitar from the instruction of a piano player and spend his later life living and performing in Nashville, Chicago, and St. Petersburg.

Although Matthew is a bit of a recluse, he has impressed audiences with dreamlike melodies, haunting vocals, and eloquent lyrics for close to 20 years.  His musical style is as elusive as he is, with audiences left thinking “It reminds me of something, I just don’t know what.”  He merely leaves small clues as to where his musical influences come from.  Comparisons people have drawn have varied wildly from Frank Sinatra to The Strokes, none of which are incredibly accurate.  One fan finally gave up and called him “an enigma wrapped inside of a burrito.”

What remains apparent is that Matthew’s music is drenched in odd progressions and dissonance, but it never drowns. There is enough pop sensibility and resolution to keep it afloat. His lyrics don’t necessarily strike a nerve but perform a sort of mental and emotional acupuncture with, as one fan stated, “not a wasted word.”